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Day One

When it comes to the world’s toughest problems, how do we go forward?

Day One

You don’t need much backstory. You’re living the backstory. You can’t find a family doctor. People near your town drowned recently in flash floods — and that’s never happened. You’re encountering people living on the streets in numbers you’ve never seen before. Your groceries are costing double what they did last year. You communicate with people daily via social media, but somehow you still feel lonely and depressed.

Health care. The environment. Homelessness. Food insecurity. How we connect (or disconnect) with one another. The world is beset and bewildered and suffering from wicked problems. Issues that are perennial, but current times have put their own nasty spin on them.

But what if we could stop everything and start over? What could be done? Not in a pie-in-the-sky way, but in terms of feasible steps forward?

We asked five writers to explore a brighter future with Western researchers, scholars and alumni who are working on these very problems. What do they think?

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Part I: Social Media

Part II: Homelessness

Part III: Food Insecurity

Part IV: Environment

Part V: Health Care